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Visualize User Stories as Visual Wireframes

Use business language to write user stories..
  • As a user,
    I want to view the currently playing track,
    so that I know what I am listening to
  • As a music enthusiast,
    I want to see the duration and progress of the current track,
    so that I can understand how much time is left or has passed
  • As a listener,
    I want to have controls to play, pause, skip forward, or skip backward in the track,
    so that I can navigate through songs according to my preference
  • As a user,
    I want to access recently played tracks easily,
    so that I can replay songs I enjoyed without searching for them again
  • As a busy individual,
    I want to see the name of the podcast and the host,
    so that I can ensure I am listening to the correct content
  • As a subscriber,
    I want to adjust the playback speed,
    so that I can listen to content faster or slower based on my understanding
  • As a user with hearing difficulties,
    I want to activate subtitles if available,
    so that I can read along with the audio
App Header PanelNow PlayingTrack Information PanelTrack NameArtist NamePodcast Title - Host NameTrack Progress BarTrack Progress Indicator0:003:45Previous Track Button<Play/Pause Button||Next Track Button>Playback Speed Adjustment PanelPlayback Speed: 1xPlayback Speed Dropdown ButtonvSubtitles Toggle PanelSubtitlesSubtitles Toggle ButtonOFFRecently Played Tracks Panel
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Key Features

Versatile Usage

Works as both a dashboard widget and an item view on, fitting seamlessly into your workflow.

Effortless Wireframe Creation

Input user stories and receive detailed wireframes instantly.

Seamless Integration

Harmonizes perfectly with the environment.

Enhanced Collaboration

Improves communication and feedback within teams for better project alignment.

Streamlined Design Process

Speeds up the design phase, enabling faster project completion.

User-Centric Design

Focuses on user stories to create wireframes that truly represent user needs.